Surgical Endoscopy

An educational program developed by the Institute of Image-Guided Surgery of Strasbourg,
University of Strasbourg and in partnership with IRCAD.


  • Basic Principles

    Master 1
    With Module One, “Basic Principles”, we introduce you to the fundamental tools, techniques and principles underlying surgical endoscopy. The lectures within this module are divided into sections covering Surgical, Medical and Common considerations. This is done to emphasize that students with various backgrounds will take part in this training and allows us to start with a shared understanding of the fundamental principles, tools and practices involved. We begin with the endoscope (its variations, components and accessories) and start to explain the techniques and tricks for technical success...
    • 15 lessons and videos
    • 10 speakers
    • 06:20 hours
  • Digestive

    Master 1
    In Module Two, we approach the “Digestive System” in 4 parts: the esophagus, stomach, small bowel, and colon. An additional chapter will focus on bariatrics. For each, we discuss the unique anatomy, pathology, surgical and endoscopic knowledge and the complications involved. We will cover diagnostic EGD, surveillance and treatment of Barrett’s esophagus (including advanced imaging techniques) and therapeutic basics such as biopsy, tissue resection and ablation – for esophagus and stomach as well. From there we address enteral access and the unique diagnostic and therapeutic issues in the colon and rectum...
    • 36 lessons and videos
    • 18 speakers
    • 16:45 hours
  • Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic

    Master 1
    Module Three is a continuation of our organ system - focused approach to flexible surgical endoscopy. In this module, “Hepatobiliary-Pancreatic” (HBP), we cover the pertinent anatomy, physiology, disease processes and interventions pertaining to the medical and surgical management of this complex system...
    • 9 lessons and videos
    • 6 speakers
    • 04:34 hours
  • ERCP & EUS

    Master 2 - ERCP and EUS



    • 25 lessons and videos
    • 13 speakers
    • 06:49 hours


Basic and advanced flexible endoscopic techniques will be presented by experienced surgeon and endoscopists, with didactic endoscopic images, video clips of clinical cases and then practiced during hands-on sessions. You will learn key endoscopic procedures in a structured way, under the mentorship of world-renowned experts in the field with access to the newest technologies and techniques:


  • Problem

    To learn the endoscopic management of common surgical complications: bleeding, perforations, leaks and fistulas, stenosis...

  • Pipe

    To acquire basic endoscopic skills required to form a foundation in the practice of flexible endoscopy.

  • vote

    To address the indications, techniques and results of the most common procedures in flexible endoscopy.

(according to the selected path)

  • checklist

    To learn Endoscopic ablation and resection techniques: RFA, EMR and ESD 

  • checklist

    To learn ERCP and EUS

  • checklist

    To learn Submucosal tunneling techniques: POEM, POP, STER ...

  • checklist

    To learn Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty and suturing techniques.

Our Faculty

Prof. Silvana Perretta

Professor of surgery
Director of education


Prof. Lee Swanström

Professor of surgery
Innovation director


Dr. Bernard Dallemagne

Professor of surgery
Fellowship program director

IRCAD & IHU-Strasbourg

Dr. Gianfranco Donatelli

Professor of surgery
Interventional endoscopist



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