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An educational program developed by the Institute of Image-Guided Surgery of Strasbourg, University of Strasbourg and in partnership with IRCAD.


Bariatric Endoscopy



This module will provide a comprehensive review of clinically available primary endoluminal endoscopic weight loss procedures, weight regain endoscopic management options and management of bariatric surgical adverse outcomes


4 lessons

4 speakers

01:31 hours



  • To understand normal and abnormal endoscopic anatomy  of the existing bariatric surgery procedures
  • To cover the theoretical principles, indications, techniques of endoscopic management of bariatic surgery complications
  • To cover the theoretical principles, indications, techniques and results of primary bariatric endoscopic procedures with a special focus on gastric remodeling
  • To cover the indications, techniques and results of endoscopic revisional approaches for weight regain and dumping syndrome after bariatric surgery
  • To understand the indications for combination therapy and stepwise approaches to obesity management

Metabolic Endoscopy

In this lecture, Dr Galvao Neto will describe how metabolic endoscopy helps in the treatment of what is defined by the WHO as Globesity and Diabesity.  

20 min Manoel Galvao Neto